Our School Uniform Drive is without doubt the most exhausting and rewarding drive we have.  You might ask why exhausting?  The endless hours of collating templates and creating categories of girls, boys and sizes.  The purchasing of all the shoes and socks and trips to different stores, not to mention the, at times, endless flight of steps up which everything needs to be carried for sorting and then taken down for delivery! BUT this is all forgotten when you witness a smile, that spreads from ear to ear, when a child receives a new pair of shoes.  It stays with you for days.

We are so happy to report that we were able to provide all our groups with the school shoes that they requested. In total we helped 310 children with shoes and socks.  These items were delivered to our groups in Fish Hoek, Guguletu, Khayelitsha, Kleinvlei, Lentegeur, Rocklands, Northpine and Nyanga.  Covid 19 regulations unfortunately meant that we had to change our method of delivery to our beneficiaries.  Despite this, delivery went smoothly and our members ensured that the necessary Covid 19 regulations were in place. 

Thank you to each and everyone who donated in some way to this incredibly rewarding accomplishment.  Thank you for helping us to build stronger communities.  We could not do our work without your support.