“30% of South Africa’s children live below the food poverty line in households that do not have enough money to meet children’s nutritional needs”.  South African Child Gauge 2020, The Children’s Institute.

In South Africa, most children live in households and communities where access to healthy and sufficient food is not easily available or affordable.  Social Grants certainly help poor households but this is often insufficient to cover all expenses, let alone providing decent and nutritious meals.  This is a great concern for many community members, who are often concerned about the welfare of children and the elderley in their communities.  

Recently our Guguletu members, with support from their parish,  started a weekly soup kitchen providing delicious and nutritious meals.  It is still early days, but signs are already there that this will be a Soup-Erb kitchen!  Harriet and members from Kleinvlei are delighted that another St Kizito group is running a soup kitchen.  We foresee a lot of collaboration and sharing of recipes between these two groups.

We will be endeavouring to support  both soup kitchens through our Emergency Relief Programme. Donations are always welcome.